The Wander Coaster


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Kind of reminds us of the Hobbit hole, from Lord of the Rings, recommend for the lovers of nature and everything hobbit in nature. May not use for your coffee, but for that blissful afternoon tea. Well, we all know what hobbits are famous for. A beautifully illustrated wooden coaster, which makes a perfect gift for anyone with a dark sense of humor and a liking for pop culture. A must have for people who like to keep their tables drink ring free. Created with the primary thought of lighting up just about any space in your home. Illustrated in-house by our wonderful artists, Nidhi Singh and Apurv Jain, based out of New Delhi.

Product Description:

  • Size:  9.5 cm x 9.5 cm
  • Wooden Coaster with illustrated glossy print
  • Round corners
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