Apurv Jain is an illustrator specialising in children’s book illustrations, book covers, web comics, aesthetic looking websites, graphic design, basically most of the things related to art and design, for clients of all sizes and shapes. Capable of wide range of tactical and big picture tasks.

Apurv is passionate about making sure that the art which comes out of Living waters creative studio is a part of him; that speaks to all of you in ways he cannot do so himself, probably because he is an introvert.

He has worked in a wide variety of environments, ranging from a boring corporate job as an animator to leading young minds through art as a college professor at Jamia MCRC and Amity university. (No, that’s not why he is called the Professor, go more towards Netflix and Royal Mint.) Besides that, of course some amazing wonderful clients from various publishing houses; those guys are the best (Awaiting the next project.)

Apurv, when not working, is usually found cleaning his desk, and formatting the clutter around the studio. You might think it’s boring, but wait till you receive a properly named layered file from him.

If he is not organising, he is probably binging on his favourite tv shows (read ‘The Office’) He enjoys never being satisfied with his own art, constantly pushing himself towards a level up (think of Naruto, just not that fit) One of his wishes is to learn to create shadow clones so he can get more work done. You will occasionally find him trying to gather chakra on his hands or annoying Pepper till she gets up and leaves.

Some of his favourite tools for creating art are procreate and adobe illustrator, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty with WordPress, photoshop, In design, he has collected a whole hoard of various applications over time, which he cannot think of right now since writing in third person is kind of amusing for him.

Apurv would occasionally drop truth bombs like, “Kids, being an artist sucks. It’s like having homework for the rest of your life…” But if given a chance, he would do it all over again, because creating art is one of the few things in this world which keeps him both sane and insane.

He would have written “peace” in the end but he is trying to fit into the crowd of generation Z these days.  

Nidhi is an artist at her very core. If left to her ways, she would wander off into the woods, stare at trees, paint the mountains, cut off her ear, steal chilies from a farm, and eat paint.

Fortunately, she also loves hearing and telling stories, and is most at peace when she can tell those stories to children around the world through her art.

As a digital illustrator, she has worked with a plethora of publishing houses, who adore uniqueness of her art style, but frown when she points at their books and says “that should have been a little to the left.” She isn’t liking the alignment of this text either. ‘A little to the left’ she says.

She keeps a multitude of artistic skills and techniques at her disposal, to incorporate into various forms of illustrated and animated art. The day she got acquainted with digital illustration, her first thought was “now I will find MORE brushes to work with!”

She always makes it a point to criticize her own skills at art, so that she always has a new level to look forward to. It’s like watching Jack climb the beanstalk. An extremely empathetic person, she is driven by emotions and experiences, that reflect greatly in her stories.

She sees the world in full CMYK colour, and gets annoyed if you call garden mud ‘brown.’ “That’s burnt sienna, not brown…” would be her general response. When she’s resting, you will usually find her admiring a tree in the garden, or sitting in her bed, drinking a nice cup tea and watching Korean shows on Netflix. And if she sees you, she will ask you to bring her a slice of bread with butter scraped smooth, and show you the Korean two-fingered heart to make you fall for her cuteness. Yes, you just got played.

And NEVER change the alignment of her sofa. Do not awaken the beast.

Samir is a tinkerer by nature; he finds solutions to problems by experimenting with them.

Whether the problem is solved by writing an article, or cracking it open with a hammer and chisel, you will always find him trying to learn something new with whatever he’s got in his hands.

For Samir, the function of a skill or a product is paramount to everything else. “What will I do with good looking shoes, if they interfere with my spatial awareness?” is his outlook towards everything in his life and work. To that extent, he strives to fix every glitch he sees in animation and every stray thread that comes out of the stitching in a product.

During his days as a university animation lecturer, Samir made special emphasis on practical learning and hands-on projects (sometimes even over theory, a teaching method that he was loved and hated for.)

In his downtime, Samir is known for his sci-fi fandom and morbid sense of humour (he takes that as a compliment. Weird, right?) Usually found playing Assassin’s Creed, reading a fantasy novel or listening to loud rock music from the ’90s, he doesn’t enjoy sharing his ‘me’ time with others. In fact, he doesn’t like sharing anything, much. “If you live with Samir and you don’t eat fast, you don’t eat!” (He hates ‘Friends’, by the way. Don’t even start with him.)

At work, Samir is a hamster-on-coffee. Procuring new materials for improving a product, overseeing the manufacturing quality, upgrading a workstation, writing a story and feeding the cat is all in a day’s work for him. Sometimes his colleagues would call him, thinking he is working in the studio, and realize he’s halfway across the city (and has forgotten his wallet.)

If you want him to like you, bring wheat beer and chicken. And talk about ‘Dark’.

Pepper has the most important job in the studio. She is our office stress ball.

Whenever a loud disagreement breaks out in the studio, she steps in and whines till the people around her stop arguing and start loving her. Although most times, her cooing is for food, doesn’t matter who is eating.

She can’t see very well (Old age), but if you open a packet of biscuits, she will hear you across the seven seas, and before you have taken your first bite, her head will be in your lap, her puppy eyes staring into your soul. 

Besides the love for her food, Pepper is extremely empathetic, if she senses you in distress, she will not leave your sight. She will make sure that she is around and if you are within her reach she will give you the occasional licks. 

People at the studio believe that she can understand the human language, because everytime we speak about her, even in codes or whispers, her ears stand right up.

She enjoys going for walks and making friends, even with stray cats. She isn’t fond of children though, probably because once a kid in the park called her a cow. Oops.

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