Hello, We are

Living Waters Creative Studio

We love to tell stories and draw story books and at times dwell in creating art which we believe should be shared with the world

( Read our very Own Mini Shop )

Other times we are known for pressing flowers and feathers in fat books.

We are happiest walking on water– creating a better world with our stubby colors.


We created few things, and we feel some of them might just look good in your home, office or simply in your  hands, so what are you waiting for, your cart awaits !!


( Told You We Draw, You can find these in some of the children story books floating around )

Living Waters Creative Studio Living Waters Creative Studio
( And we drew some more )


Story Books

Have a ripe story/concept you want to get illustrated? Well, we love to draw.


From designing your complete book to your website, logo, visiting cards. We got you covered.

Mini Shop

Do check out our mini shop and the goodies. Need something personalised? Get in touch.


Bake and Cake

Well not for sale, But whenever we are free there is always a cake in the oven. Come over sometime.


Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh


Nidhi Singh, an illustrator and an avid reader has been reading children books since the beginning of  time and decided to write and draw some of her own when she grew up. When she is not creating art you will find her looking blankly at a tree admiring the beauty of nature.

Apurv Jain

Apurv Jain

The Other Co-Founder

Apurv Jain, an illustrator and animator, is usually found in his natural habitat around a huge cintiq, drawing with his toungue sticking out which he thinks is very important while drawing. His most common phrase is ” Nidhi Singh is just a pretty face. I am the brains.”

Pepper The Pig

Pepper The Pig

The Office Pig

Pepper is the stress ball of the office. She is usually found near food or on her bed. Her job is to cuddle us when we have too much work. Can’t really see her? Well, we can’t either because she is a blackhole of adorable. And fat.

Mr. Burger

Mr. Burger

No one really knows

Legend has it that Mr. Burger is the oldest employee at the studio. We havent hired him but he is always here. Always around. Always judging.


If you liked our work and want to get in touch with us, or just want to chat about how good the weather is, we are just an email away. Just submit the form below
PS: We don't shoot the messenger.

Hello! Chat here if you have any doubts or issues or if you just want to discuss how nice the weather is right now
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Hello! Chat here if you have any doubts or issues or if you just want to discuss how nice the weather is right now