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Ah, the dreaded About Us section:

Pssst.. Hey !! We are glad our art caught your attention. We are Living Waters Creative Studio.
We are a group of artists who love to draw, and we spend hours into creating one perfect illustration, so we can turn it into 
various products for everyone to enjoy. 
Our love for certain iconic movies, shows and characters is visible through our art. 
Hope you will enjoy our art experiments and fill your world and the people around you with art, little by little.
Follow us, to get an insight into an artist’s mind and for some truly amazing offers 🙂


Hello all, use coupon code: “I_Declare_Bankruptcy” on checkout for FLAT 25% off, if your cart value is more than Rs 3000.  And use coupon code: “Thats_What_She_Said” on checkout for FLAT 15% off, if your cart value is more than Rs 1850.

Ps: The coupon only works on payments made via card | online payments. Yes, the free shipping comes with it too. Yes, you can use it unlimited times. No it doesn’t grant any more wishes, its not a genie. 

Quick Update: In the wake of rising covid cases and lockdowns through out the country, some orders are getting delayed. We are trying our best to ship the orders as soon as possible. Feel free to get in touch with us via email or Whatsapp.

There is "Free Shipping" on orders over Rs 1350 (Yay)

Oh, and free shipping doesn't apply on Cash On Delivery Orders (Less Yay)

Hope you all are staying safe :)

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